What is an Avatar in Business?

What is an Avatar in Business?

I was just thinking.   What is an avatar?   Recently, as I’ve taken a deep dive into creating a blog (website) that can be monetized, I keep hearing the term “avatar” being used  a business context.   Lifestyle bloggers stress the importance of understanding what you avatars look like.  Affiliate marketing trainers say that it is important to understand the difference between Google’s avatars and Bing’s avatars.    Even graphic design website trainers emphasize the importance of knowing what your avatars want before you create your presentation.


Finally, I decided that I should take a few moments to research exactly what people are talking about when they use the term avatar in business world.    The following is how I have decided to describe the meaning of avatar.


Avatar:   4 common definitions / meanings for the term

1.  In the business context:  Your ideal reader.  Your ideal customer.   Since we need more than one reader or customer, I tend to think of your avatar as a group. Your target audience.  The people that make up your raving fans. Or those that you want to become your raving fans.   Your tribe.   I wonder could avatar also be a plural word?  Or would the more correct way of saying more than one avatar is avatars?

Since I am “Just Thinking Here,” if you plan to use the term avatar on some formal slide presentation, you might want to look up the correct way of saying more than one person.  More than one avatar.

2.  On the internet:  On internet forums, your avatar is the little picture associated with your account.   Your profile picture.

3.  Computer and video games:  Your avatar is the picture that you select to represent you.   Your character.  Your alter ego.  The virtual representation that you choose to represent yourself.    Remember back in the days of playing Monopoly?   You had to decide if you wanted to be the Car, the Dog, the Horse, the Thimble, the Ship….   Well, now days people that play online games decide on different avatars.

4.  Original meaning of the term:  In Hindu, an avatar was a deity, a god, who appears on earth in human form.  An incarnation.

What is an avatar

Why is important to know who your avatar is?


It is important to know you your ideal customer is.

In the business world, both online and offline, our primary goal should be to serve our customers needs.  To state the obvious.  No customers, no money.

The better you understand who you prospective customers are, the better you will know what they want and what they like.  In turn, that knowledge should allow you to serve them better.


— Well, I was just thinking.

Best wishes as you seek to better understand your avatars, your ideal customers.




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