Twice Loved Treasure’s Book Shop

Adventures of Opening a Book Store .  I’m not exactly sure when I wrote about the following adventure.   It was last winter.   As I edit this to be published, I am three days from starting a lease for a retail location.   In the midst of all the other things I had going on, I never did get the online store up and running.  

Earlier this morning, I was fretting that my new small bookstore within Twice Loved Treasure shop was going to have major problems competing with the large bookstore chains. I was worried because I won’t be able to review the sales records of the other stores to determine what books I should stock.

Yet, later as I started working on inventorying the collection of books that I already have available for to sell, I realized that the books that find their way to Twice Loved Treasures made it because they have already been loved to have been kept so long they ended up in estate sales or farm auctions. In most cases, had they been less desirable books they would have been thrown away, given away or donated years before.

Even though I have enjoyed reading for as long as I can remember, assembling the collection of books to share with everyone has been an educational labor of love. Sometimes the endearment written inside the book have made me cry. Frequently, I find myself simply enjoying the artwork on the cover. At times I’m amazed at how much as changed over the years. Yet other times, it is kind of surprising how much has not changed. I’ve also had the opportunity to discover authors whose works that I have not read before.

My biggest challenge in an online environment is to figure out a way that allows each of you to experience discovering these Twice Loved Treasures as if you were relaxing in the shop.. If you have any suggestions, please let me know.

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