The Law of Attraction & Vibration: Avoid Pity Parties

The Law of Attraction & Vibration: Avoid Pity Parties

When is the last time that you stopped and thought about the law of attraction & vibration? When I find myself starting to get stressed or worried about my business, I like to review Bob Proctor’s YouTube video, “The Law of Vibration.” The photographs, the music and his voice are soothing.

As simple as it sounds, this free video does amazing job of improving my mood. Using Mr. Proctor’s terminology, it improves the frequency that I am operating on. That in turn, that helps me regain my desire to focus on positive things and things that I can control. Additionally, this helps me to be as mentally sharp as possible. These are all things that I need in order to do my best as I work on building and growing my business. The Law of Vibration video helps. By any chance, have you watched it yet? If not, I have it embedded below.


Worry Attracts Negative Energy

Think about this for a moment. If you have been worried, upset, frustrated, concerned that things are not going well, you are attracting negative energy.

If you take the time to think about it, you might notice that when you have challenges, you want to tell everyone willing to listen about your problems and challenges. In return, they may tell you about their problems as well. After all, misery loves company. According to Bob Proctor this is because miserable people are operating on the same frequency. The same vibration.

That is why so many people like to have pity parties. They want to be around people that are unhappy and uncomfortable just like they are. Yet, most happy, excited and energetic people feel very uncomfortable spending much time with sad and/or negative people.

Have you ever heard people talk about the self-fulfilling prophesy? If you expect bad things to happen to you, they probably will. That fits in with this theory. If you are worried and expecting bad things. You have bad energy. That in turn attracts more bad energy.


Law of Vibration Video


If you have never watched Bob Proctor’s video about the Law of Vibration, I encourage you to do so.

If you need to shift your thinking to make it more positive, more productive, I suggest you watch this video.

If you simply need to relax for a moment – this video might help you relax. To me, it is almost like sitting at my desk and going on a pleasant walk in the woods. Bob Proctor wants this video to have this kind of effect on people. He feels that the vibration of nature operates is perfect.

He teaches us, “Everything you want will come to you if you get in harmony with it.” We can control our energy and vibration by choosing how we will respond to situations.


How to Quickly Move Past Your Problems and Focus on the Positive


I do want to add something here. If you or a loved on is sick, PLEASE do what is necessary to take care of your health. Otherwise, everything else is meaningless. Yet, if you and your family are healthy; be thankful.

You need to try to understand that you wan to avoid spending undue time focusing on ever little problem, misfortune, mistake or negative circumstance that comes you way.

  • If there is something that you can take care of, take care of it.
  • If there is a mistake that needs to be corrected, correct it.
  • If there is a lesson to be learned, acknowledge that and then move on.
  • If it is something that you can’t control, like the vast majority of things on the news, don’t ruin your day dwelling on it.


Remember, you want to focus on what you can control. You want to focus on your goal. You want to focus on actually doing the things, the steps that are required order for you to accomplish your goal.

He teaches us, “Everything you want will come to you if you get in harmony with it.”  We can control our energy and vibration by choosing how we will respond to situations.

I sincerely hope that you will choose to ignore the things that are making you miserable, the things you can not control or change.  Focus on what you want. By doing that, you increase the chances that you will attract success and create the successful business that you are working towards.

Best wishes for a wonderful, productive week.


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