Should you buy Instagram followers?

Should you buy Instagram followers?

Should you buy Instagram followers? Should you buy Likes? Friends? Random email addresses?

Lately, I have had some of my good emails ending up in my Spam box. As result, one of my morning habits includes taking a quick look at what is in the SPAM box before I dump it. This morning, the title of one email jumped out at me: “Buy Instagram 2000+ Followers Only $24.00” Think about it. This company is giving us the change to buy an Instagram follower for about a penny per subscriber. According to the email, they also sell fan page likes and Twitter followers.

Really??? Why would you want to purchase followers? Why would you want to purchase a random set of followers that have no interest in your topic? This applies to friends, likes and email addresses. Why would you want to buy a hundred or thousands of them? I am not even going to help promote this company by listing their name here. That would be a disservice to you.


How much influence does each follower have?


Think about it the example above for a moment. You would get 2,000 subscribers for $24. That is about a penny per subscriber. Since the company needs to make a profit, they are not going to be able to give each of these 2,000 people that are subscribing a penny for each person they subscribe to.

Even if they did, are people that work for pennies subscribing to random people’s Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, Pintrest or Twitter accounts the kinds of followers you want?

Do you really think they are going to have friends that might follow you just because their friend, that is getting paid less than a penny per follow, decided to follow you?

If you purchase 2,000 followers, do you think that those people are going to be interested in your crazy cat stories and videos? Or whatever you are about. If you have purchased these followers, do you think they really have a legitimate following themselves? Will their followers, if they have any, be interested in following you? Probably not.

If you had a friend in real life that was getting paid less than a penny for follow, to follow people, are you going to be interested in their network? Personally, I would have zero interest in my friend’s network.


In my humble opinion, buying friends and followers is a waste of money


What Kind Of Friends


One of the reasons why you want to build up followers is because each quality follower might have more friends that would be interested in similar types of things that you are interested in. People that would be interested in your niche. The things that you are trying to sell. Or the things that you are passionate about.


If you bought an email list extra cheap, think about this. Are you excited to look into your email box each day to discover that you have 258 spam messages that came in over the last 24 hours? How much time do you spend looking at these email messages? When is the last time your purchased a product or service that you discovered this way?

Do you really think that if you purchase a super cheap email list that you will be getting some qualified leads? I think no.

Yet, if you want to waste your money on it….go ahead. It’s your money.


Remember, it is quality that counts. Not quantity

Having a huge number friends or followers, does not mean that you will be able to earn lots of money.


The Exception to Purchasing Leads

Now that I have said that, I must say there is an exception to purchasing leads, emails or addresses.

There are some reputable companies out there that maintain lists of their members that they sell. They do extensive market research and collect public information on very targeted groups of people. For example, they may collect information on people that are over 45 years old that own a yacht in Florida that have agreed to let their information be shared to advertisers that are selling products or services pertaining to their hobby.

If your target audience includes 50 -60 year old Florida residents that are potentially interested in yacht insurance, this mailing list could be very beneficial. Guess what? This mailing list is going to cost significantly more than $24 for 2,000 names. These type of leads will most likely cost you hundreds of dollars. Or you may be required to pay a referral fee upon the completion of a sale.


If it is so cheap that it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.


Remember, there are no real shortcuts…. If you focus on creating and sharing content that your audience will like; you can organically grow the number of your followers and subscribers that you have. The others, that you purchased or found indiscriminately, are all meaningless in the big scheme of things. Save your time and money.


I was just thinking out loud.

Do you agree? Why or why not?


20 thoughts on “Should you buy Instagram followers?”

  • No most of these cheap followers, Instagram. Twitter, etc are nothing more than bots, and they will disappear within a year of purchase. They are fake accounts and the website is probably from a undesirable country. 

    You can buy real followers online for social networks, but they cost a lot more money than what that spam mail was offering. 

    At the end of the day…it’ll be a waste of $24.

    • Hi Chris.  Thank you for your commenting.  It didn’t even occur to me that the cheap followers were most likely bots and/or from undesirable countries.    

      I have never tried to purchase legitimate followers but I do suspect that they would cost significantly more money.  Basically legitimate leads belong to some sort of organization.  When they sign up as a member, they opt into receiving marketing messages.    

      I do not know how legitimate followers that you pay for would be obtained.   I have never been solicited or asked if I would be a follower in a scheme that the provider would be getting paid for my participation.   I do belong to a number of groups that suggest we follow our fellow members.  Yet, there is nobody getting paid to do that.  It is simply supporting fellow real estate agents, fellow church members, or online marketers….   

      Well, I hope you have a productive day.   Thank you for stopping by.  

  • I do not believe in buying followers. It becomes very obvious when you have 30K followers and only 500 likes on a photo.

    We need to take a step back, be genuine and if you don’t ever make it to 30K followers, who really cares? I completely agree with take everything on social media with a grain of salt, post what you want because you want to and never get stressed over a photo not receiving enough likes.

    At the end of the day, what is actually in your life is what’s important, not how many likes you have.

    Thanks for writing this,


    • Ciara, you comment made me laugh and smile.   What you said is so true.    Who really cares about the number of followers?  It is actually what is in our life that counts.  

      I hope that you have a great week full of all of  the things in life that really counts.  

  • When you say “It is quality that counts, not quantity”, I agree with you in a sense. It’s like that other “80/20” principle: 20% of your clientele could be buying 80% of your stuff. Since most people would take shortcuts in order to have leads, buying Instagram followers would be beneficial only if it precipitates sales. Personally, I would rather attract my followers organically. Anyway, keep on writing that good content.

    • Jean, I agree with you.   I too would much prefer to attract my followers organically.   That is why they say, “Content is King.”    

      I believe social media allows us to brand ourselves.  So that way, whenever someone gets to a point they want to make a purchase we might be someone they think of.   If we purchase followers that got paid to follow us, they will never become a purchaser.  Nor will their friends in all probability.  

      Best wishes on growing your tribe that has found you through good old fashioned organic content.  

  • Yeah I agree that these sort of followers wouldn’t be targeted and they’ll be useless for your business or whatever you’re trying to promote on your Instagram. I currently have somewhere around 12,000 followers which I had gotten by randomly following a bunch of people and having a percentage of them follow me back, and the engagement is very low. Every time I share a post I only get a small handful of people to notice it.

    2000 followers would be useless and I definitely wouldn’t pay $24 for it. Purchasing targeted leads sound like a much better deal, do you know any reputable sites to do that?

    • Hi Son.    I suppose that the engagement with social media is always going to be somewhat on the low side.   Most people that do follow you will not be ready to buy something yet, if at all.   

      That is why I personally try to focus on organic traffic to my websites.   Or at least for things that I hope to generate sales from.  

      The best source for purchasing targeted leads will depend on your niche and your target audience.    In the example that I used above, could be obtained through a company called Wealth Engines  FindWealth8 (That is a trademarked name.   Not sure how to put the symbol here.) 

      I was able to get access to them through my membership in a real estate marketing group called the Institute for Luxury Home Marketing.  

      So, to find reputable companies, you need to try to become involved with organizations in your niche.   Best wishes.  

  • Hi Sondra, What an eye-opener this post was for me. I could not believe that people would even do that sort of thing.

    There would be no point at all in spending money on a thing like this. How do you “buy” friends and followers who would be loyal to you? It is ludicrous.

    Thanks for making me aware of what goes on. As a virtual antique, I am learning about more and more online strange happenings.

    • LOL   Jill, thank you for your comment.    I too am a virtual antique.    I have tried to avoid doing to much with social media.  Yet, I realize that is not a good idea if I want my business or myself to stay relevant.   

      So, just like you, I am trying to learn as much as possible.   

      I hope you have  a great day.  

  • That is a question that I have been asked as well by online marketers. Should you buy Instagram followers or do the same for Facebook, Twitter, or other social accounts is always a query that comes up. It seems that when you start a new account unless you have fans or followers, no one will trust your site and offers.

    There are so many offers out there for this that and of course, these sellers are playing into account owners wanting to have others that stop by their accounts get the impression that they have lots of fans. This is why they are able to get people to buy these followers.

    As you say, these followers will not help your business much. They may stop in from time to time, or they may never stop in once they have followed you. There are some accounts that are fake that are used for just that and they will not stop in again.

    If you are just trying to get the numbers up of followers you have I would say that maybe you could use such a service one time, but in reality, if you have patience you can get followers organically over time and have something that will allow you to monetize them as opposed just for looks.

    So I am like you, no need to buy, better to add quality and valuable content so people will want to follow you and will also want to take advantage of what you have to offer when it comes to selling something. Good question and good answer!


    • Dave, I sincerely appreciate your very thoughtful response.   If nothing else, it makes me realize that I need to be very careful not to judge someone poorly that says they want to purchase some followers. Same with someone that has.   You’ve made a great case for why someone might want to do it in the beginning.   

      Yet I am also glad that you do feel like the best strategy is to add quality and valuable content so that people will want to follow.  


  • Hi,

    Thanks for sharing this excellent article . I am always looking for ways to increase my social media presence and test out services available . Instagram  is currently my favourite social media platform . I started to look at my  options and reading reviews about buying likes and followers to see if it was the real deal . This article will outline the different companies I used , a review of them and then what I would recommend . 

    • Hello, I’m glad to read that Instagram is currently your favorite social media platform.  That makes me feel like I should probably prioritize getting more involved with it myself.  I am hearing a lot of people say the same thing as you.   

      In my opinion, I can not see how buying likes and followers will help you in the long run.  Or me.   

      I hope you that you can continue to get great satisfaction from Instagram.     

  • Yes, buy Instagram followers!  It is no longer a news that Instagram is taking a leading position on the social media arena in the last couple of years. Your communication skills and the products you are selling determines if you are able to convert your followers to customer or affiliates. If you buy 2000 followers as exampled you are sure of about 200 as customer if you know your onions or you have a good products to sell. If for example out of your 2000 20 subscribe to your wealthy affiliate’s link and go premium – imagine your referral! Just 20 out of 2000 at $20 dollars or less!

    • Hi, I too have heard about Instagram’s growth.   I personally don’t think that people will even get manage to get ONE referral out of the 2000.    With the price so cheap, people most people will not spend to much time complaining about the company or the fact they got scammed.  It would cost more to talk to a lawyer than you lost by spending the $20 or $24 for the leads.   

      Yet, if you want to try it, go for it.  Is your money.   

      Regardless, I hope you find the success that you are working for.  

  • Your article touches an issue which is not going away anytime soon. 

    So far I do agree with what you saying and this is for me the same reason why I wouldn’t buy any of these, so called, offers to receive followers. However, some of the bigger social media platforms like Facebook and YouTube are banking on these kinds of sales. 

    I do run three Facebook Fan Pages, in accordance to my websites. How often is FB bombarding me to boost my posts, even just a picture, to reach more people, which not necessarily means they are also would have to like my page, although it could be a possibility. 

    I did it a couple times just to see how it goes but it was a waste of money. The big hype wasn’t there.

    The same with YouTube, if you don’t have at least 10.000 views or subscribers you are not entitled to rune their ads before the video started. YT has changed it a couple of years ago. I was close to these numbers and also had my website linked etc I lost it when they changed the rules.

    So, I can see, somehow, why some people would fall for it and would purchase those “dead files” as I call them. The algorithms of those platforms don’t look who is really behind it, perhaps they will do so in the future but for now, they don’t.

    They only are interested in numbers. When I see such high numbers from a page who was last week at zero and is now way over the 3000 marks, you can assume, that some purchase of it was behind it.

    Again, great article, appreciated.

    • Hi Syliva, thank you for sharing your experience.   I think you have way more experience with this than I do.  Yet, I am learning.  

      I can see how the various social media platforms might be encouraging this behavior.  Especially with YouTube saying that you need 10,000 in order to run ads.    Yet, as both YouTube and Google has demonstrated, they can change their rules any time they want.    If you have not built your presence with a solid foundation, it could be pulled right out from under you. 

      Your experiences make me think that I should concentrate on organic traffic.   

      Best wishes on your websites and pages.  

  • I totally agree! This is like anything else!  If it’s too good to be true, it usually is.  In this case, when you buy followers they are most probably fake accounts created by the sellers just to make a quick buck. There are so many scam artists on the Internet that we have to be careful about what we do purchase, and we have to be certain that it’s from a reliable source.

    These promised “followers” would not be of any good anyways.  Some people may fall for the get-rich-quick methods, but like you so elegantly say in your article, its the quality that counts not the quantity.  What good would it be to have 2000 new followers without any interaction to you or your posts?  Absolutely nothing, it would have been, like you said, a wasted $24.

    The best way to build something worthwhile is to create something worthwhile, and you will have “quality” followers that will come and follow!

    I love the way you “think out loud” 🙂

    • Hi Dennis, thanks for stopping by.   This is actually the first time that I’ve tried a , “I’m thinking out loud post”    So, I really appreciate your feedback on that part.   

      Well, I hope that you are able to continue working towards building a website that has lots of worthy followers that are truly interested in what you have to say.    

      Best wishes for much success.  

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