Remember, You Control You

Remember, You Control You

This morning, I watched my favorite Bob Proctor YouTube video about the “law of vibration” again.  Basically, he reminds us that each of us are in control of our outlook and how we feel.   The way we feel and our attitude determines who we feel most comfortable spending time with.


I have a dear friend that has a very successful online marketing business.  Many of us people that have new websites or blogs that we are trying to monetize aspire to earn the income that he does.   However, despite his success, I feel bad for him.  He has lost his passion.  He is miserable most of the time.   He does not want to spend time hanging out with positive people that are excited about the future.

Rather, he seems to spend every moment of his free time participating in an online community that is full negativity.   They seem to spend their time talking about the negative, possibly corrupt side of everything.    Lately, we don’t spend much time together because I do not enjoy listening to trash talk, filthy language or conspiracy theories.

I don’t ignore reality.  However, I choose to focus on the positive side of things.  After all, I can only control my attitudes. The same is true for you.   You get to control how you feel.

It is snowing outside today in Colorado.  

Most of my animals have chosen to stay inside the barn, my garage or some other building.  Not the pigeons.   For some reason, the pigeons have decided to go out and enjoy the snow.

What about you?  How are you choosing to view the weather today?

-Recently, a few of my chickens have decided to start roosting in my garage.  Until I figure out how to get them to sleep somewhere else, my truck is parked outside.   So, today it is covered with snow.   I choose to focus on the positive.  I’d rather the windshield to be covered with snow than chicken poop.

What about you?   Are you able to find the positive aspect of your parking situation?  Or maybe if you don’t have a car, like my son that lives in New York;  are you thankful for how much money you are able to save?


When you see a cup of tea,  is it half full or half empty?

Is a lemon a good thing or a bad thing?


What do you think?   Would you go out and play in the snow if you had the chance?   


Remember, you control you.  

I hope that you will choose to be happy.


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