Prayer to Nourish a Business Idea

Prayer to Nourish a Business Idea

Has the Lord put a business idea into your heart?  Are the details  of what this business idea still kind of hazy?  Are you unsure of what you should be doing next?  If you are, please know that you are not alone.   I’m currently at that point with myself.

I’m praying and requesting that the Lord open my eyes so that I can see what it is that I am supposed to see.  That I know which direction to take next.

Jesus, Entrepreneur 


A few years ago, I bought a book called Jesus,  Entrepreneur: Using Ancient Wisdom to Launch and Live Your Dreams  by Laurie Beth Jones.   The books that points out the biblical side of starting and being in business.    Ms. Jones shows us how Jesus responded to a variety of situations that are not entirely different than what an entrepreneur would face today.

She talks about being Spiritreneurs.     She defines Spiritreneurs as people who fully integrate their sould in a workplace enterprise.  People that would do this “work as unto the Lord.”  People that would be doing this work even if they were not getting paid.   Spiritreneurs launch businesses that reflect their highest gifts and beliefs.  The businesses also benefit others.

For with God, all things are possible.

–                                    -Matthew 10:27

One of my favorite chapters is He Said, “You Can”  which starts on page 21.   The chapter reminds us, don’t tell me why you can’t.  Tell me why you can.     At the same time, the next chapter talks about setting your goals.  It is called,  “He Defined His Success Before He Began.”

I will seek the will of my Father.

                 –John 5:30


How do we do that?  We pray.

After praying some, I ended up watching a couple of YouTube videos.  The video and song below, sung by Angelina, reminded me that I would like to be a channel of the Lord’s peace.   With any business that I create, I want to use it to bring honor to the Lord and to use it to help his people.

Since WordPress is not allowing me to type anything below the video I inserted, I suppose the power of the song will come from the music and words in the video itself.  Not anything I can say.

I pray that you will find the answers or comfort that you are seeking.

Make me a channel of your peace.  The Prayer of St Francis.


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