Motivational Thought of the Day: Fight to Keep Your Business Dreams Alive

Motivational Thought of the Day: Fight to Keep Your Business Dreams Alive

Motivational Thought of the Day: Fight to Keep your Business Dreams Alive


Let’s be honest. Entrepreneurs with new, small start up businesses face many challenges. Cash flow, or the lack of cash flow, can be among the most stressful of these challenges. Sometimes the money simply does not seem to come in as fast as the bills have.

While it is important to acknowledge the cash flow “challenge,” it is also important to stay mentally cool. Cool, calm and collected.

In the sales world, there is a saying, “Always want a sale, but never need a sale.” If you start acting needy, you become desperate. Desperate people can make stupid decisions. Additionally, you don’t want your customers or clients to sense a problem. If you do not want to send out a negative energy or a negative vibe that could actually cost you sales.

You need to stay cool, calm, collected. Confident.

In my case, it turns out that my business’s sales took a bigger hit than I anticipated as result of a combination of fewer people spending money after the holidays and worse than normal winter weather. If people did come into, it was to say hello rather than to shop. That’s OK. I want my cherished customers to purchase things when they have the budget to do so.

In some ways, the slower business has been a blessing. It has allowed me additional time working to spend time working on a long term affiliate marketing project.

As I look at the stack of bills coming due, I have to acknowledge that yes, I could have used some extra sales. Yet, I didn’t get them. I have to learn to control my emotions. I remind myself about the people that are already planning purchases in the near future. I am glad that I spent the money on the inventory to have the merchandise on hand.

For my motivational video this evening, I chose a montage of training scenes from the movie Rocky that are set Survivor’s song, Eye of the Tiger.

Watching Rocky workout, reminds me of The importance of:

  • Continually working to get better.
  • Pushing ourselves past the place where we want to give up.
  • Discipline
  • Persistence and a refusal to give up

We have to be willing to fight to keep our business dreams alive. We have to have the will to survive. Starting, building and running a business isn’t easy If it was, everyone would do it.

Remember, you have to prepare for the tough days BEFORE they arrive.

Then when they do arrive; you are prepared to face the pressure. You are prepared to fight to keep your business dreams alive.

“Don’t lose your grip on the dreams of the past.  You must fight just to keep them alive.”

— Survivor:  “Eye of the Tiger”

10 Way To Prepare For the Fight to Keep Your Business Dreams Alive During Challenging Times

1. Know that you will face challenges. It is not a matter of IF problems and challenges will occur. It is a matter of WHEN.

2. Plan. Know what your goals are. If your challenges are the result of having gone off course, you can automatically correct your course. However if you do not know where you are heading or what you are attempting to accomplish; you are floating around aimlessly.

3. Remember your Why.

4. The more money you have saved for the rainy day fund, the better you can weather challenges.

5. Reinvest in your new business whenever possible.

6. Learn as much about your industry as possible. The more you know, the better you can plan. The more you know, the more confidently make decisions and handle problems.

7. Learn as much about sales and marketing as possible. Sales are what brings in the much-needed cash flow.

8. Have a network of trusted advisers and/or a community of like-minded people that you can turn to when you face challenges.

9. Plan to handle the challenge head on. Don’t ignore it and hope it will go away on its own. Communication can be key.

10. Remember, have confidence in your abilities to handle the challenge. Fear is a very destructive emotion.

What steps to you take to overcome the negative emotions, fears, frustrations and challenges that threaten to your business dreams?




2 thoughts on “Motivational Thought of the Day: Fight to Keep Your Business Dreams Alive”

  • This is a great post and very true. (By the way, I love the theme design you chose. Very nice!)

    It is true that sometimes we find ourselves questioning our decisions of entrepreneurship and wondering how in the world we will make it work! It can be a scary feeling. Your point of keeping the dream alive, staying calm and just taking things one day at a time are invaluable. We really do reap what we sow. If we are always negative, great things won’t be our portion.

    Thank you for sharing this! I enjoyed it very much. And I am praying nothing but the absolute best for you in the future!

    • Holly, I sincerely appreciate your prayers.

      I have encountered some larger unexpected costs that I did not budget for with my little brick & mortar shop. So, I am struggling to pay the bills and replace inventory even though everything else has been great.

      The shop has been well received by my customers. So, I just have to make it through this rough period that is normal for this season. Yet, I trust the Lord. The Lord willing, I will fight to keep this business alive, in the brick and mortar form. I could save a ton of money by doing an online variation. Yet, my customers would lose the “experience.”

      So…. I hope that my readers will realize that there are times that we have to struggle and fight to keep our business dreams alive. It doesn’t matter if we have an online business or a brick and mortar business. We have to want to make it work bad enough that we will not just give up.

      Best wishes that you can keep your business dreams alive with minimal difficulty.

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