Mel Robbins Five Second Rule & The Plans You Have for Your Business

Mel Robbins Five Second Rule & The Plans You Have for Your Business

You may have heard of Mel Robbins five second rule. Yet, how can it apply to your business that you want to start or wanting to make more profitable? Have you been wanting to start a business, but just keep putting it off? Have you been feeling like you want to increase your sales but just haven’t actually started implementing things that would allow you to do so? Are there other things about your life that you would like to change? If so, Mel Robbin’s five second rule CAN help you accomplish your goals if you REALLY WANT to make the changes required to accomplish your goal.


These changes will not happen overnight. For example, in her life, wants to cut back on her travel schedule. She wants to become an online influencer. So, she is trying to make the necessary changes to get out of her comfort zone and more into the social media world. She has visualized the day she won’t be traveling so much. Yet, it still takes time to become an influencer on social media.

In my case, I want to monetize an affiliate marketing website. I have taken training. I know what I need to do. I need to be publishing regularly. Consistently. Yet, for some reason, I only published a few articles on a bunch of different websites. I was not focusing. I was also procrastinating. I like¬† David Goggin’s YouTube videos.

He made me realize I was being a wimp. I should be able to publish at least two posts per day. Yet, it wasn’t happening. Finally, I stumbled upon Mel Robbin’s 5-second rule. I have been able to use her rule to immediately stop my mind from thinking about why I can’t finish a post. I use it when I am about to lost focus. Hopefully, soon I will be able to share an awesome success that is result of me being able to figure out how to tell my mind to shut up so that I can do what I need to be doing.

What about you? Are there things about your life that you would like to improve for the better? How do you hope that Mel Robbin’s five second rule will help you? First:

Do you really think that what you can do in five seconds can change your life?


Let’s consider a couple of extreme examples first. Imagine that you are drunk. A friend offers to drive you home. In less than 5 seconds, you refuse. On the way home, you have a crash and end up killing someone. A decision made in less than 5 seconds changed your life forever.

Similar example, you are driving down a busy street. Your cellphone beeps. Someone has sent you a text. You look down for just a second. Next thing you know, you have been involved in a wreck. Hopefully, no one was killed. A decision that you made in less than five seconds changed your life or someone else.

We could come up with numerous bad decisions that were made in a matter of seconds that changed the outcome of our day, our week and quite possibly our life.

It is just as easy to make a good decision in less than 5 seconds that can change our life for the better. The thing about good decisions is that we may not immediately notice the benefit that we get from making a good decision. Sometimes we take the good things that happen to us for granted. This might be a good reason why it is important to have an attitude for gratitude. I think we will be happier if we take time appreciate the good things in our life.

So, can you buy into the idea that you can make a bad decision that can change your life in less than five seconds? Conversely, if you can make a bad decision, you can just as easily avoid the negative consequences by making a good decision. Instead of picking up the phone, you can choose to ignore it while driving. You can accept the ride home after a night of drinking.

Likewise you can improve your life by following Mel Robbin’s five second rule. Five seconds at a time.


Mel Robbins 5 Second Rule



Basically, if you decide that you WANT to change, the 5-second rule is a tool that you can use to change. When you encounter a situation that causes you to hesitate, worry, become scared or afraid, or planning to not do what you know that you should do. Count backwards, 5, 4, 3,2, 1. This process will stop you from thinking about what would normally cause you to stop what you know that you need to do.

At the count of one, do what ever it is that you need to do.

If it is get out of bed, get our of bed. If it is to NOT eat that sugary donuts, walk away or choose a healthy alternative. If you need to talk to your landlord or manager to resolve an issue; talk to them. You don’t allow yourself to procrastinate.

You will need to countdown from 5 to 1 every time you encounter something that normally results in your making a bad decision.


What if you have tried the 5-second rule and it doesn’t work?

Well, Mel say’s the answer to that question is easy. That simply means that you really do NOT want to change. You are basically refusing to take action. You are refusing to ignore the voices that say, “No, don’t do it…. Don’t get out of your comfort zone.

Most people truly don’t want to change. What about you? Are you sick and tired of your current situation? Are you tired of being broke?


Are tired of never having the courage to pursue your dream of starting a business?


Why are you not starting your the business?

If the idea makes you nervous. Count from 5 to 1. Then take out a piece of paper and write down three things that you need to do to start your business.

  • Are there things there some things that you need to learn? If the answer is yes, then maybe ask:
  • Is there a training program that will speed up the learning process? If the answer is yes, then maybe you should
  • Get on the computer and research training programs.

It has gotten late. I have not published my second post for the day. Normally, I would allow myself permission to wait until tomorrow. I’ll tell myself, it’s alright. You can do an extra post tomorrow. This time, when I notice the time, I still consider whether I should go onto bed. I think of David Goggins and tell myself that I am being a wimp. After all that he has done, I can not manage to write and publish two 1,000 word posts each workday? I know that it should not be that hard to publish two posts each day. As I realize that I am about to start justifying going to bed; I count 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. I will publish this post before I go to sleep. It may not be perfect; but I will do it.


What about you?

Have you used the 5 second rule to make necessary changes in your life?

If not, can you think of some areas in your life that this countdown might actually help you start taking more action?

Best wishes for an awesome week.



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