The Key to Success in Both Life and Business

The Key to Success in Both Life and Business

The secret to life is very simple.  The secret is also the key to success in both life and business.  Before I say what it is, I want you to   take a few moments and consider what the most successful people that you admire are doing.  Next, take a few moments to consider the what the most successful businesses that you admire are doing.   What do the people and business that you admire have in common?   Without knowing who you choose, I suspect they all served people.  They help people by  assisting with fulfilling a need or desire.

Key to Success is Helping
The Helping Hand
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The keys to success are serving and giving.

Consider this quote from the Tony Robbins book, “Money, Master the Game” (Simon & Schuster, 2014)

The secret to living is giving.

-Tony Robbins

People are hard wired to want to contribute and to share.   Even the bible, which I view as life’s instruction book, repeatedly reminds us of the importance of tithing and of helping those in need.

Each of us are blessed with varying degrees of different talents and gifts.  Some people can help the most by simply listening, giving a hug or sharing a smile.   Other people are able to help through the use of their wealth.   The more money a person has, the more a person can help.    It takes money to build hospitals and churches.  It takes money to build a business that can provide jobs for multiple people.

If you feel called to start a business, that is a good thing.  

Earning money and building wealth is a good thing.  This may sound weird but a couple weeks ago, I was talking to a lady about chickens.  She didn’t want to charge very much when she sold her chicken eggs because she didn’t want people to feel like she was making money off of them.  The sad thing was this lady was struggling to pay her bills.  She also felt guilty about the idea of making a profit on the eggs.

I found myself trying to remind her that is is ok to make money as long as it is done legally.    We all need money to survive.   It take enough money to create a profit so that a business can grow.   The bigger the business grows, the more people that can be helped.   Every time we spend some money, we are helping someone else with their business.

Using my ranch animals for an example again.   I sold some rabbits.  In turn, I was able to use the money that I earned to buy feed for my chickens.  The man that I bought the feed from was able to use that money to purchase a gift for his newborn grand-daughter.   The baby’s mama was happy.   The store that he purchased the gift from used their profit on the gift  to pay a part time employee.  That guy that was working part time was saving his money so that he could buy a car.   This example could go on and on.

Money  is a Good Thing

Making money is not bad.  Saving money is not bad either.   Hoarding money and not giving to those in need when you can afford to help is bad.  But, do you know what?  Not using your talents to benefit others is bad also.

So….if you have a business idea, don’t be afraid to pursue it.  How can you serve other people with your idea?  

For a business to succeed it need to take in enough money to cover the expenses plus to have extra to save for future needs.   Ideally, the business owner will be able to donate and/or contribute to charities also.

Consider this quote from  the Tony Robbins book, “Money, Master the Game”

Money is nothing more than a reflection of your creativity, your capacity to focus, and your ability to add value and receive back.  If you can find a way to create value –that is add value for a massive number of people— you will have an opportunity to have a massive amount of economic abundance in your life.

What do you want to do with your life? How can you serve others?  The following video of the song, “Here I am Lord.”   This reflects my personal prayer that I lead a life that in which I can serve the Lord’s will.

If you can focus on what you can do to help other people and then actually do it, everything else will fall into place.   Again, I repeat you can’t just think about it, you have to do it.

Definiteness of Purpose

Think and Grow Rich, published in 1937, is one of the top 10 best selling self-help books of all time.   In the book, author Napoleon Hill states that the most fundamental part of success is having a “definiteness of purpose.”  He said that definiteness of purpose is the starting point of all achievement.   He then goes on to discuss 16 other principles of success that are built on that definiteness  of purpose.  By focusing what you or your business can do to help others will give you that “definiteness of purpose.”    Ask yourself in everything that you do, “How will this create value? ”

At the same time, do not forgot to take care of yourself.  If you don’t eat properly and get enough sleep, you will not be able to function properly.  If you are sick or too tired or dead, you will not be able to help very many people.

I sincerely hope that you can figure out how to help as many people as possible in everything you do.  After all that is the secret to a living a rewarding life and to operating a successful business.

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2 thoughts on “The Key to Success in Both Life and Business”

  • Hi Sondra,
    Just wanted to leave a note to say thank you for your post of inspiration. It’s always good to hear other stories of growth and change. I also have spent the better part of my life working for others and denying other options.
    Thank you also for expressing your faith. I share that faith and am anticipating the ways God will move in our lives when we put ourselves “out there”.
    I wish you all the best in all you do.

    • Thank you Bob! I hope that God will allow both of us to help many people’s lives.

      May your day be filled with grace and peace.

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