Inspirational Thought of the Day: This Girl is on Fire

Inspirational Thought of the Day:  This Girl is on Fire

Today’s inspirational thought of the day was inspired by Alecia Key’s song and video, “This Girl Is On Fire.” I don’t know about you, but I love songs that leave you feeling happy and full of energy.

Some days it feels great to celebrate what I call “Girl Power.”   We stay busy taking care of our family, others, our homes and/or  our pets.  And our jobs, which may be outside of the home or at home.

Yet we still have our dreams and ambitions that we feel drawn to pursue. In my case, I am trying to get this website up  and a Colorado real estate lifestyle website and running smoothly.  I am trying to get this done before the busy part of real estate season starts.

Yes, sometimes it would be easiest to just kick back and be lazy. Do nothing.   After all, it was my decision to start a new business endeavor.   For me doing nothing is pretty darned close to being nothing.   That is not me. I am willing to tackle the challenge.  Today I am feeling, “This girl is on fire.”

If we allow ourselves to take the risks; learn what we need to do and work extra work extra hard;  we can make our dreams come true. That is as long as we don’t give up.    In the end, our business success will allow us to better care for our self, our family, friends, and/or our community. Some days are extra long. Some days are challenging. Some days we question whether we really can turn our passion into a profitable business.

Then ,thank God, there are days that we KNOW that we will succeed. We feel GREAT. We are confident, strong, beautiful women. Days like this, we feel like we are on fire. We know we can set out what we want to do. Ladies, I hope that you will have many days, where you feel like you are on fire.

If you need something to give you that little extra spark today, I hope this video can help you get it that little boost that you might need.   

Part of what I like about Alicia Keys is that she is a fighter.  She is a strong woman who grew up in a VERY tough neighborhood.  It sounds like her dad opted to NOT be a part of her life.   Due to her incredible talent, she also ended up being exposed to a very tough industry at a super young age.   Yet, she was strong.  She refused to give up on herself and her ability.     As result, she is an amazing singer.  An amazing woman and a great philanthropist.  I  may not agree with everything that she says or does.  Yet, she inspires me to be the best me that I can be.

Go after your dreams.  Be the best you that you can be.   Be convinced, “This girl is on fire.”

– Sondra

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