David Goggins: Motivation For A Business Owner

David Goggins: Motivation For A Business Owner

David Goggins, known as the toughest man alive, does not believe in motivation. Instead, he believes in purpose. However, I believe his purpose motivates me as a business owner. By sharing this with you, I hope that he can help motivate you to get out of your comfort zone and achieve even more than you thought possible. I hope that David Goggins can push you to focus on accomplishing your business goals.

My soft life as the owner of an affiliate marketing business

Just so you know, I am in marketing and sales. I am not some sort of athlete. I don’t have a job that requires physical strength and endurance. Actually, for about the last 6 months, I have sat at a desk working almost full time on creating a profitable affiliate marketing business. I have a cushy job…. My biggest challenges are related to not being productive enough. So, I have needed the extra motivation to not be so lazy. To push my limits and to see what is really possible.

For those of you that are not aware, affiliate marketing is a a business model in which website owners help market other company’s product’s or services to potential buyers. Just as real estate agents help home-owners market their homes to potential buyers. In both cases, the person doing the marketing ONLY gets paid a commission if the seller makes a sale. You attract potential buyers with a useful, interesting and helpful website.

Any way, when you first start an affiliate marketing business, you spend a lot of time setting up a website. You spend hours and hours in front of the computer researching, writing and publishing the types of articles that you think readers will be interested in. It may take 6 months to a year before you start getting many “organic” visitors to your website. Assuming you are actually being as productive as you need to be.

Many aspiring affiliate marketers get discouraged and quit because they can not see the results of their work as fast as they wanted to see them.

As small business owners; we all face challenges. That is part of life. The challenges may include: lack of time, lack of funds, quality; compliance issues, growing our customer base, finding good employees, suppliers and other partners. Yet our ability to focus our energy and attention on achieving our goals is critical to our success. If we focus on fears and the things we can not control, the negative thoughts can undermine our efforts.

When I find negative thoughts drifting into my head, I think about David Goggins. When I think of his Navy Seal training, Army Ranger training, his serving in war zones, his serving as a woodland fire fighter, and all the ultra marathons and triathlon’s that he has done; I realize very quickly. I live a very soft life. I realize that I need to work harder to work through my comfort zone. Only then, can I achieve my goals that involves helping thousands of people create the life they are dreaming of.

I hope that David Goggins will also motivate you to push your self through any fears and challenges that are keeping your from accomplishing your business goals.


Who Is David Goggins?

David Goggins started out as an overweight, lazy guy that came from a tough background. He was on the verge of becoming yet another statistic. Yet, one day something snapped. He decided he was not content living a life of mediocrity. A life in which his expectations for himself was defined by everyone else’s expectations for him.

David Goggins went on to become the only member of the United States Armed Forces to complete Navy SEAL training, US Army Ranger School, and Air Force Tactical Air Controller training. As the video describes, he completed SEAL training with broken bones because he refused to quit.

After he left got out of the military, David went on to become an ultra endurance athlete. He has successfully competed in multiple ultra marathons and triathlons. Again, he pushed himself to finishes races despite major injuries. He is a man that refuses to quit or give up. Most recently, he decided to become a wild land firefighter.

Most of us, to include me, will never even consider submitting our bodies to physical torture that David has put his body through. Yet when we consider his story, the obstacles that he has over come, his desire to serve our country; we have to admit that he is tough. He does deserve to be called the Toughest Man Alive.

In his autobiography/motivational book, “Can’t Hurt Me,” David Goggins starts out by saying:

“You are in danger of living a life so comfortable and soft that you will die without ever realizing you true potential.

He goes on to tell us, if we want to reach our full potential, we have to become addicted to hard work. He believes his work ethic is the single most important factor in all of his accomplishments.

He also says, “Ditch the victim’s mentality forever. Own all aspects of you life completely


The following is some of my notes from the videos:

  • Your mind will guide you to you comfort zone. So, you have to purposely reprogram you thinking to go beyond that.
  • Even if you are trying to focus on you strengths, you mind is going to let you fears set you comfort zone. Your mind is going to let you fears determine you level of success.
  • You have to be brutally honest with yourself if you want to change. You have to face you fears. You have to tackle you fears. And, if you think about it – many of our fears are insignificant in the big picture.
  • If we refuse to be completely honest with ourselves and commit to change; we are the ones that is accountable. We made the choice to fail or to be mediocre.
  • To be the best you can be, you’ve got to be able to imagine you success. You have to commit to you success. You have to refuse to be held down by mediocrity.

RAW Accountability Video

In this next video, David is interviewed by Mike Ferry, a real estate coach.  There are multiple tips that will apply to business owners.

It is important to note that David Goggins talks like the guys in the military tend to talk. Let’s just say that they love the F word. If this offends you, it would be better for you to skip the video. Mike Ferry also suggests that if you are at work, around children or other people that could be offended, it would be best to use headphones.




I hope that David Goggins will motivate you to get out of your comfort zone.   I hope that you he will encourage you to do what it takes to start, run and grow a profitable business.



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