Secrets to Success or Motivation to Hang On? Billionaires’ Advice to Entrepreneurs

Secrets to Success or  Motivation to Hang On? Billionaires’ Advice to Entrepreneurs

For those of use that have an entrepreneurial mindset, starting and growing a new business is a challenging adventure.    At times, we wish we could figure out what the mythical secret to success is.  At other times, we need to have someone motiavate us to hang on just a little bit longer.   It is nice to  receive these nuggets of advise and wisdom from entreprenuers and business owners that are successful.  Billionnaires such as Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, and Richard Branson have reached the pinnacle of business success.

Prior to stumbling across the video that I’m about to share, I had never listened to  a group of the most successful enterepreuders of my lifestime speak one after another.  When I say successful,  I am talking about the billionnaires among us.  Even though they have achieved the highest levels of success, when you watch the video and listen to their advise,  you will begin to realize that everyone’s entrepreneurial journey is a little bit different.   Yet at the same time, there are some remarkable similarities.

For example, how do you know of your business idea is one worth pursing?     What am I going to do if this idea fails?    Should I quit?   Earlier today, I stumbled upon a compilation of  tips for entrepreneurs and for people that are contemplating starting a business.

Road to Success
Road To Success isn’t always smooth

In this video, roughly a dozen of billionaires, most of  whom you will recognize, each share a few motivational thoughts.    In some ways, I felt like I was sitting in the front row, listening to them answer a question that I asked.

Each of the billionaires in the video share thoughts that will help you become successful, however you choose to define success.

This was the first time that I’ve heard the majority of these people speak.   This video compilation is about 25 minutes long.   Yet in 25 minutes, you will hear an excerpt from speeches from the 13 billionaires.

In some cases, I was so touched by that persons story, I nearly cried.   Other people reaffirmed the importance of reading, being passionate and seeking to fill voids.  In other cases, I felt chastised for even thinking about quitting when the going has gotten tough.

I hope that find the video inspirational, motivational and educational. Feel free to share your thoughts on the video in the comment section.





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