Are You Ready to File Your Taxes Online?

Are You Ready to File Your Taxes Online?

Are you ready to file your 2018 taxes online? Are you unsure about the best tax program to use?

I recommend H& R Block Tax Cut software. You can download the program online.  I have lost count of how many years that I have used the H&R Block Tax Cut software package.   I normally use the premium version because it is for people that will file a  Schedule c for their business or a schedule F for their farm.

The $$22.99 price below, is the best price that I have found to date is here on Amazon.  This price also includes free federal e-file.

You can click the link below to get to it. This version is for people that do not own a business, rental properties or a farm.

It is super easy to use.  If you used it last year, you can easily import last year’s file.  It will automatically upload all of your information – except for the checking account that you had your refund deposited to.

Basically, you will follow a simple interview that gives you the opportunity verify your address, employers, bank, etc. When it comes time to type in the information from your W-2’s and 1099’s; they make it very simple.

There is an error check feature also.

It is easy. It is also much more affordable than taking your return to a tax preparation company.

If you have any questions, please let me know.


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