About Spirit Start Up

About Spirit Start Up

Hi, my name is Sondra Meyer. Thank you for visiting Spirit Start Up.com.

Years ago, I first dreamed of owning a company that would help people break the bondage of debt. Over time, this dream company evolved into also helping people make their dreams come true by starting and building a successful business. Although the seed of my idea never went away, the timing was never right. That is until it was.

Spirit Start Up
Dare to Dream.
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Instead of working on that business idea that occupied my dreams, I spent over 20 years working as certified public accountant in various auditing, financial advisory, budgeting roles.. In addition to being a CPA, I was also a licensed real estate broker.  I have been blessed with extensive experience in higher education. I even taught small business management and a variety of real estate courses for a while. In 2016, I left a wonderful position as a deputy controller to focus on real estate full time. I also started building a small diversified ranch that strives to produce the best tasting beef, pork, lamb and poultry products possible.

From Idea to Reality

In the fall of 2016, I was helping a small business owner set up his bookkeeping system. He had a successful online business that allowed him to work from home. I was intrigued. To make a long story short, I decided that I liked the online business model.   The online business model has the potential to reach and serve a lot more people.   If your home is large enough for work space;  an online business would also save commuting time, gas and wear and tear on a vehicle.   Living on a ranch, an online business would make it possible to keep an eye on the animals during the day.

One morning, 6 months later, during my morning prayer time, I realized that the business concept that I dreamed of for so long was meant to be an online business. An online business would allow me to serve far more people than I could otherwise.  On this particular morning, I was led to read Isaiah 6 – which is about Isaiah’s commission. I have always loved this particular verse because it reminds me that my goal in life is to do the Lord’s will. What does He want me to be doing in order to accomplish His plans? I then listened to, “Here I am Lord,” one of my favorite hymns on YouTube.



During that song, my business concept finally started bearing some shape – after years of being just fuzzy idea.  I shouldn’t be amazed.  Yet, I still am awed when I condsider how the Lord works in our lives.   We simply have to trust him and his timing.

Mission of Spirit Start Up

The mission of SpiritStartUp.com is to inspire, motivate and educate people that have had the seeds of a business idea or a non-profit business idea placed in their hearts. It will also serve as a resource for someone that is feeling to called to become an entrepreneur or for someone that simply wants to earn a few extra dollars to make ends meet, payoff debt or to save for something special.

If you have any suggestions of how this website could help you with your entrepreneurial journey, please let me know.

Grace and peace,