2018 Review of Wealthy Affiliate: How much does it cost?

2018 Review of Wealthy Affiliate: How much does it cost?

Wealthy Affiliate.  Is it worth it?   You may have heard about the Wealthy Affiliate training program.  If not, Wealthy Affiliate is an affiliate marketing training program that teaches it’s member how build a profitable online business.   Affiliate marketing appeals to many people because it allows you to work from home.  Plus there are so many opportunities in affiliate marketing that you can focus on a niche that you are passionate about.

Some people are concerned that affiliate marketing sounds too good to be true.  After all, you get to work at home making money doing something that you love.   Well, affiliate marketing isn’t a scam.   The largest companies in the United States, to include Amazon and Walmart, use the services of affiliate marketers.      Affiliate marketers are paid on a commission basis.  They get paid only when someone makes a purchase and keeps the item or service they bought.  Returns are excluded.  Some people are excited when they first start earning 50 cents per month.   Many people are making a full time income with their affiliate marketing websites.

The Wealthy Affiliate program is a membership based program allows its members that have basic computer skills how to build and operate an online marketing business.

 How much does Wealthy Affiliate cost and it it worth it?

Free Starter Membership: Free for as long as you want
Premium Memberships:
First month – $19
Afterwards – $49 month (that works out to about $1.63 a day based on 30 days)
Annual membership:  $349 per year. (This is by far the best deal and you don’t have to worry about what happens if something comes up and you don’t have the money to pay the fee.  Plus, you save $215 a year by paying upfront.).

There is only one “add on” or additional fee that you might want pay.  If you want to purchase your own domain name to use for your website, that will cost between  $11 to $15 depending on where you purchase it.

Is the Wealthy Affiliate worth it?

Free Membership Level:

In my opinion, the free program is free.

It will provides very little value to a beginner in the long run.   However, it does allow you to get an insider look at the training courses and the membership community.   The free membership allows you to see that the format of the courses.  If you have ever taken other online training’s, you know that some are very basic power point presentations and incredibly BORING.   The free membership allows you to see that this is not the case with Wealthy Affiliate courses.   It also allows you to see that you don’t have to watch video after video of someone with a voice that gets on our nerves.   The free membership gives you the chance to sample the training program.

Most people that are truly interested in building an online business or monetizing their website or blog, will quickly realize they want a premium membership.   Like within less than a day.   It was such a no brainer that I had forgotten there even was a free membership level.    I had to research it.   Lol.

The best thing about the free membership is that it was free.  You don’t have to give our credit card information and then try to get a refund if you discover that you really are not interested in affiliate marketing.   After all, it won’t be everyone’s cup of tea.

$19 Introductory First Month Premium Membership:

Oh, la, la…..   This introductory membership is a fantastic bargain.    It is a very affordable way to figure out whether you will really be interested in building an affiliate marketing business.   It is a very affordable way to see for yourself if it is really as easy to build a website as they say.   It is a very affordable way to determine whether or not you like the community that everyone talks to much about.

Most importantly, it gives you the chance to see if you are going to be able to commit the time necessary to building an online business that you can work from the comfort of your home, hotel or RV.

I wish that the fee didn’t have to go up to $47 a month after the first month.  After all, I like saving money every chance I get.  Yet, understand that it costs money to run a business and make a living that will support your family.  Regardless, I feel like the $47 a month membership fee is still worth it.

Update, update:  It just occurred to me that when I purchased an annual membership, I’m actually paying $29 a month, just less than a dollar a day.   The annual membership is $349 a year.   The wise careful spending side of me likes $29 a month more than $47 a month.     Regardless, the $47 a month – which I paid each month for my first year is still worth it in my opinion.

Wealthy Affiliate – Premium Membership -$47 a month

Is it worth it?  YES

I have been a premium member for about 14 months, as I write this.   I come from a business background.  I was a licensed certified public accountant for about 20 years.  I am also a licensed real estate broker with my own company.  I had blogged some prior to discovering Wealthy Affiliate and learned that I did gain some great clients from my online marketing efforts.   Enough so, that I wanted to learn more about monetizing my website.

I joined Wealthy Affiliate because I wanted to make money with my website.   The following is a very short version of why I think that the $47 a month membership fee was worth it.  As I mentioned above, that last November, I went ahead and paid for an annual membership which allows me to save more money.   So, I suppose the following is why I’m glad that I invested in the annual membership.

How much does Wealthy Affiliate Cost
Investing in Wealthy Affiliate’s training will save you money and time in the long run


Annual Membership

After I joined Wealthy Affiliate, it didn’t take too long to discover it’s value. I ended up purchasing an annual membership.

  • The web hosting for up to 25 websites, the free SSL certificates for each website and keyword research tool was worth the membership fee alone.  (As ideas have popped into my head, I’ve created 18 websites.   I assure you that I’ve discovered that it is impossible to work on that many websites at one time.  But, I like having them because the remind me of the different business ideas that I have.)


  • I have learned how to be my own webmaster.  Not having to pay someone else to provide those services has been an added bonus.


  • The Wealthy Affiliate community is made up of like minded individuals from all over the world.  They have made the learning process enjoyable and bearable.


  • Oops, I almost forgot to add, the Wealthy Affiliate training program really will help each of us to earn affiliate income if 1) we are patient and 2) IF we will follow what Kyle, Carson and Jay are teaching.    (Kyle and Carson are owners.  Jay does the weekly webinars. )

I still get the majority of my income from my real estate business.   The online marketing principles that I have been learning about on Wealthy Affiliate certainly apply to my real estate website.

However, it is very exciting to see my affiliate earnings increasing from my affiliate marketing websites that I have monetized.   For me, those are like a hobby or a side hustle that have the potential to provide a nice income stream.

It is even more rewarding getting to hear about the successes that some of my online friends in the Wealthy Affiliate community are experiencing.   (Overall, they have become more successful than I have in the same period of time because they are focusing on building one website.).

So, if you are wondering is Wealthy Affiliate worth it?  YES.

One more quick note:

Affiliate marketing is NOT a get rich quick business.   It takes a lot of work and focus.   Please, please do not join Wealthy affiliate if you are just looking for a way to pay your rent or mortgage next month.   If you need money quick, go get a part time job at a restaurant or retail store.   Start selling stuff around the house.   That is the only legitimate way that I know to make money fast.  Well, I guess you could get paid to donate blood also.   (Ouch…not me.).

Building a business takes time.   Wealthy Affiliate program allows its members to learn how to build an online web based marketing business.  Wealthy Affiliate also gives it’s members the tools and community support to grow the business so that it will become profitable.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.


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